Meeting room hire? Yes, we can!

Impress clients in person while you maintain a Virtual Office

Meeting Rooms with Your Virtual Office

Not all businesses need a meeting room 24/7, so why rent an entire office and pay a mortgage for a room with occasional use? Pay a fair price for a meeting space as part of your virtual office in Berlin so you can focus on providing quality business services.

A Meeting Room in Berlin for Clients and Co-workers

A Virtual Office is a fantastic way to work, but sometimes a particular deal is too important to discuss through a screen. Meeting on the Kurf├╝rstendamm will give your company an edge and impress clients from the start. Give your clients the personalized service and attention they need in a professional, in-person meeting.

Within your own company, you can give your co-workers some time to touch base with each other and get instantaneous responses to questions. Would you like to confirm your meeting room hire now? Just a click

Use a meeting room in Berlin for:

  • In-person client meetings
  • Team meetings and check-ins
  • Quick in-company workshops
  • Other small-scale use
  • Meetings with your PAs and virtual office staff

For comfort, our rooms also have:

  • A comfortable meeting space for up to 10 people
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Coffee to keep you awake and water to keep you hydrated
  • Specialty drinks (with advance alert and an additional price)

Get down to business. Let's talk now.